Mozart’s Là ci darem la mano

I usually do not comment colleagues interpreters as I know how hard is the job. And as our taste is based on our experiences and the age plays a role as well, one must let the people make their own choices. That’s why usually I do not read or participate in the musical discussions about “the best musician in the world”, ‘the best singer in the world” and so on…
But lately there was a very passionate exchange on one of these forums about a well-known singer and I wanted to listen to some interpretations myself. Probably you know how it goes – you start searching for something in Youtube and 2 hours later you are still in Youtube – and still searching for something else… In this case it was for Mozart’s “Là ci darem la mano” duet from the opera “Don Giovanni” where Don Giovanni seduces Zerlina.
My attention was drawn to two completely different versions of seduction (IMHO in the second one the singers try to seduce the camera, not each other). Compare and enjoy:

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image
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